We are picking up momentum as we move towards summer construction and our fall Grand Opening.   

We are close to being ready to make an application to the City for the Building Permit for the New Windsor Shop construction.  We have the needed blue prints and are in the process of having a site plat and electrical plan finalized. Once we have those, we will be ready to proceed. 

Recently, I was walking around the building site, inside the staked off area that  Mike, Lynn, and I put up back in February to outline the Shop's perimeter.   What was a clean forest floor of winter back then has evolved into a thick lush jungle of dense summer greenness!   The once fresh, straight stakes and taut string with flagging have tilted, drooped, and faded in the oppressive humid heat of the summer.   Somehow, 21st century air-conditioned woodworking space sounds like a whole lot more fun than 18th century heat, humidity, and mosquitoes.

A few weeks ago, we had Len Foster from the City of North Augusta Water Department come out to locate a water line that traverses the upper hill of the Park.  There is a concern that the water line may come too close to the Shop building site, in which case, it will have to be moved.   After hooking up a fairly sophisticated locating device and walking about a bit, Len was able to locate the line.  Unfortunately, that line crosses right through the upper right corner of the building.  Looks like we have a little utility relocation work to do!  The irony of this one is a bit funny.  We are talking about relocating a water utility that provides indoor running water so we can construct an 18th century style building. 
Len Foster, from the Water Department, hooks up the transmitter for the water line locator to the water meter.

Working his way down the hill from Lake Avenue towards the Barn, Len detects the water line and marks it.

Arghhh.... A direct hit! Len is marking the path of the water line as it passes through the shop.

At our Olde Towne Preservation Association board meeting last night, the board approved David McGhee of Sitec Construction to serve as our general contractor for the Shop construction project.  David is an old friend of the Park who has often lended a helping hand.  He laid down the floor in the tavern, made modifications to the Keeping Room, corrected drainage problems and has hauled tons of sand, rock, and dirt over the years.

David has developed a preliminary cost estimate for the project that we will review and refine in the coming weeks.   From this cost estimate, we'll be able to match up materials that have been donated and identify the financial shortfall needed in order to get the shop completed by September.

Picture of me, Lynn Thompson (Old Town Preservation Association President), and David McGhee (New Windsors Shop General Contractor)
We feel fortunate that a builder of the reputation and caliber of David has come forward and we very much look forward to working with him over the next few months to make this dream of ours take shape.

Soon we will be breaking ground with saws flying and hammers swinging!


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