Today, I had the opportunity to be a part of presenting the grant proposal we developed for Shop funding to the Aiken County Accommodations Tax Advisory Board.  As I described in a prior post, these grants are available to Aiken County non-profit organizations who promote tourism related activities and events that draw patrons from beyond 5o miles.  The grants are funded from the accommodations tax and this year the Advisory Board has $100,000 to award.  

Over the years the Aiken County Accommodations Tax Advisory Board has been very supportive of the Park's growth and development by awarding grants in support of the Rogers Ordinary, the Livery, and most recently, a significant grant to help fund the construction of the Colonial Barn. 

Dressed in Colonial clothing (I would wear them every day if Joanne would let me), Lynn Thompson and I presented our plans for the Shop to the Board.  We had the opportunity to share the blue prints for the building, plans for the programs we will host, and show examples of the woodworking projects that we will create from within the Shop.  All-in-all, I think the concept was well received.  

So now, we wait and see how well we fare against the other worthy candidates.


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