Turning over every rock of financial possibilities involves approaching professionals to volunteer their time, patrons to pledge their financial support, woodworking peers to lend a helping hand and grantors to provide GRANTS!

Over the past few weeks I have been working with Lynn Thompson.. OK check that.. over the past few weeks Lynn Thompson has been writing a grant for the Shop to be submitted to Aiken County, South Carolina and I have been helping... kind of.  Aiken County collects Hotel /Motel Tax dollars that are awarded via grants to organizations that work to increase tourism within the county.  Events at the Living History Park certainly do that and the New Windsor Shop should have a positive effect on tourism as an additional living history venue.  So, we are working towards submission of the Aiken County grant and I am providing the words to describe the intention of the Shop venue and, more importantly, the fabulous program we will host.

In all truthfulness, "Cabinetmaker Shop" is a bit of a misnomer.  In reality, we set our sights on the Shop becoming a home for a spectrum of colonial wood trades.   Cabinetmaking, yes, but also Chairmaking, Joining, Carpentry, Coopering, Boxmaking, and other wood trades as artisans surface over time.  So, we will focus more on an all-encompassing view of wood trades from the colonial era rather than perfecting the single trade of Cabinetmaking.  However, we will take care to focus on period appropriate activities relevant to the more rural Augusta area of the late 18th Century while contrasting it to the larger population centers of Charleston, Philadelphia, New York & Boston.  It should make for a very dynamic living history venue where something new will be going on all of the time!

We plan to facilitate volunteer participation by making period appropriate clothing and tools available for people who are interested in joining in.  If you have an interest in becoming involved, contact me at Chris@NewWindsorShop.org.  


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