Today, the Grainger Foundation awarded the North Augusta Living History Park $5,000 towards the construction of the New Windsor Cabinet Shop!   Greg Clark, the local GRAINGER Branch Manager and long-time supporter of the Park, made the award recommendation.  Over the years, GRAINGER and Greg have done all they could do to assist us in meeting our ongoing maintenance needs and todays actions speak volumes about their commitment to corporate citizenship within our community.

Below is a photo of Greg presenting the $5,000 check to many members of the Living History Park.  I, unfortunately, could not be there to be a part of receiving this generous gift.

Top row: Greg Clark, Lynn Thompson, John Douglas, Mike Gibson. Bottom row: Brenda Bancroft, Bob Kaltenbach, Pam Schmidt, Ike Carpenter.

GRAINGER's corporate slogan, "FOR THE ONES WHO GET IT DONE," came full circle today as they became the ones helping to "GET IT DONE" at the Living History Park.  We are grateful for their contribution and look forward to having the entire GRAINGER family come visit the Shop in the fall!


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