Over the past few weeks, we have been working towards meeting all of the pre-reqs for the Building Permit.  We are down to two critical items: the Site Plan and the Electrical Plan.  

Dan Rickabaugh, Senior Civil/Structural Engeneer, of Moore & Associates Engineering and Consulting, stepped forward to develop a Park-wide Site Plan.  Not only did this include placement of the New Windsor Cabinet Shop on the plat, but it also included all of the existing structures, utilities, boundaries, and roads.  Rick's Site Plan will be a useful tool for the Park as we contemplate additional development.  I am so grateful for the expertise and ongoing support of our friends at Moore and Associates.  

Long-time Park Friend and Electrical Engineer, Barry Calloway, provided a complete Electrical Plan for both floors for the new Windsor Shop.  Barry is another local professional who has helped out the Park by providing certified plans on multiple projects.  This Electrical Plan was the last document that we need to complete our Building Permit application.   After several days of review and a few questions of clarification, the City of North Augusta issues Permit Number B11-0336 for construction of the Shop!  Permit in hand, we are ready to break ground!

Dan's Site Plan.
Barry's Electrical Plan.
Our Permit to proceed!

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